10 top tips to help you when buy diamonds

We investigate what everyone should be doing before they spend $1 dollar on buying a diamond


1) 'Cluster' diamonds ring (like our Seychelles oyster inspired ring) are best if your budget is suited for smaller diamonds.

2) To maximize your budget, consider diamonds that are (colour G grade VS1) this means very slight inclusions, (microscopic flecks) that are invisible to the naked eye, this keeps the price at a more reasonable level, without sacrificing the quality look of your piece.

3) The Diamond cut is important even if you buy the most expensive (colour D grade FL) floor less, it will appear DULL if the cut is poor, so make sure you get the very best cut.

5) For larger single stones it is worthwhile getting them laser inscribed so it will identify your diamond if it’s ever lost or stolen.

6) Make sure you have the correct ring size before making your purchase.

7) Don't be caught up in sales hype and be up sold into a more expensive diamond (like D colour) when a (G Colour) stone will give you the same result, buy for the eye NOT for the microscope.

8) Make sure that you get a diamond certificate that states the diamond colour, clarity, carats and gold karats or type of metals used.

9) The bigger the diamond, the more colour might come through, and usually the expense the best alternative is to go for a 'cluster ring design' (like our Maldives ring) to get the effect of a large diamond with bright, white fluorescence not only does this design standout, it also has the added benefit, of having less impact on your hip pocket.

10) Check the price before handing over your money, a good online jewellery store like Diamond Lovers.


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