How much is your diamond ring really going to cost you?

'Some jewellery stores can and do mark-up by as much as 1,000 % '

It’s fair to say that most Australian women own or want to own a diamond ring just look around, it’s almost a right of passage.  Given that we have (approx.) 10 million females (aged over 18) in Australia, this means there are a lot of diamonds rings on a lot of fingers, so the question is, are all these women (or men buying them) purchasing jewellery at reasonable prices or are they paying way too much?

Some stores can and have very high mark-ups as much as 1,000 %. Whilst it’s true retail stores can have very high overheads such as, staff wages, rent, electricity etc to pay for, are these massive hikes justified? In anycase why should you be out of pocket for someone elses out dated business model.

Remember it's important to shop around and find an online jewellery store like Diamond Lovers that has reasonable mark ups, this should mean that you're buying the piece at say around 50% off retail, which means you're better off, from the start.

The perfect balance

It's important to make sure the diamond you are purchasing is the best in terms of value for money. All too often we hear of people being sold higher level diamonds (D colour) for very hefty prices, when all they really needed was a reasonably priced (G colour) diamond that would have saved them thousands of dollars. The difference between a D and G diamond is almost, if not actually impossible to tell with the naked eye. Which after all is how 99.99% of all people will see the diamond ring, that being on your hand.

What does this all mean to you?

At Diamond Lovers we look for the perfect balance, which is good quality diamonds like G colour only 3 away from D with a clarity of VS1 'very slight inclusions'. We find this is the best possible combination in terms of quality and value for our customer base.

Your Diamond Lovers' diamond 

Clarity: VS1 best in terms of brightness verse cost.

Colour: G very slight inclusions near invisible to the naked eye.

Cut: We offer all types of cuts in our range or to order.  

Carat: We can supply most weights in our range or to order.

To see examples of our jewellery please take a look at our "Coco" pendant, "Saffron" earings and "Georgia" ring

Please remember

Diamond Lovers' prices are around 50 % off Australian retail prices for comparable diamonds. That’s it, just save your money, simple.

Diamond Lovers prices are inclusive of GST.

Guarantee: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are Australian based with our head office located in Queensland. If you need to talk to someone, no problems. We're here to help.

Diamond Lovers: It’s about you and value  

If you're in the market looking for diamond rings or other jewellery, then we want to work hard to make Diamond Lovers your go-to online jewellery store. We understand that it’s about you and not us.

And remember, 'You’re perfect by nature and design' we simply help you make that even more so, with your Diamond Lovers ring.

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