Solitaire dreams to my perfect diamond ring

Sally learns from her friend about where to get her perfect diamond ring

Solitaire dreams to my perfect ring

We had been looking at rings for some months, just window-shopping really. Initially I had my heart set on a solitaire, you know the whole traditional thing but when we started to really look into this, the prices were coming in at $6,000 or more, which was outside of our budget. We were also saving for our home, so this just didn’t seem like the smartest way to use our money at the time.

The idea went on the back burner, that’s until I came across Diamond lovers, a friend of mine told me about how she was also looking for an affordable diamond ring and came across this online site. She said, what really struck her was not only were the prices very good like around 50% less than most of the others, but also how good the quality designs and choice of the jewellery.

So I looked up the site, and got to see first hand what she was talking about, and sure enough there was amazing rings, pendants and earrings to choose from. There was also a fair amount of educational information there as well, so I actually learn quite a bit, I read about the different colour levels and clarity for diamonds and how they recommend a G colour in a VS1 clarity (which at the time, didn’t really mean a lot) but it soon became apparent this was the best combination for the wow factor and price.

That was helpful to know, they also said, that there was a real alternative, to only looking at a solitaire setting, they suggested to consider a ‘cluster’ style ring, because it gives the appearance and feeling of having a larger diamond but with a design cluster of smaller diamonds.  

I scrolled through their online shop and came across their ring, the Maldives (which I must admit, sounded very upmarket and exotic) plus it looked amazing in it’s twin lotus design, it had 30 very good quality diamonds, which altogether added up to be almost half a carat in 14 karat yellow gold, that's sounded promising, but what about the price?

I thought for sure this was going to cost a fortune, seeing how the other rings I had seen elsewhere were around $6,000. I could not believe it when I read, it was $1,600, it was truly one of those, pinch me, to see if I am awake or not moment, this ring was all most $4,400 less that the others.

When Rob came home from work I told him all about the dream ring and how affordable it was, straight away he went onto their site and I can tell you, he couldn’t buy it quicker enough, I think he must have thought that they going to up the price or they were going to sell out or something. In any case he got the ring and we were both very happy.

3 weeks later, Rob said ‘lets go out for dinner’ he had booked our favourite restaurant, the Maitre-d showed us to our table that was draped in crisp white linen table cloth, waiters in formal wear, we were served amazing food, excellent wine it was just perfect, and then it happen.

In the ambient light Rob pulled out the ring box from his pocket and opened it up and lifted it out, the ring looked even better than I ever imagined, every flicker of light seemed to make it come alive. He looked deep into my eyes and said ‘will you marry me’? I felt like I was in a movie, the world slowed down, I felt a little light headed and flushed with excitement.

At once I said ‘yes’ he then carefully placed it upon my finger, it fitted perfectly, the restaurant erupted with applause and congratulations. This really was my big night with my dream guy and perfect ring.

I have never felt so totally loved.  

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